My Development Toolbox

Developer Tools: Sometimes I get asked, and am also intrigued about the technologies, resources, and tool-sets that developers use to develop. This post is to give some insight to the tools, and technologies I use in my professional and personal development. Professional:  As a professional developer their are many tool sets available for use. Many [...]

Hunt the Wumpus

What’s a Wumpus? This hunt the wumpus code is a great hello world squared project for developer’s learning python. It goes over a lot basic, common, and very useful syntax used within the python language. Which include print statements, variables, while loops, and other conditionals. ### HUNT THE WUMPUS AS FOUND IN Hello! Python by [...]


Programmer Humor A little code humor found on’s website! A little girl goes into a pet show and asks for a wabbit. The shop keeper looks down at her, smiles and says: "Would you like a lovely fluffy little white rabbit, or a cutesy wootesly little brown rabbit?" "Actually", says the little girl, "I [...]
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