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Developer Tools:

Sometimes I get asked, and am also intrigued about the technologies, resources, and tool-sets that developers use to develop. This post is to give some insight to the tools, and technologies I use in my professional and personal development.


As a professional developer their are many tool sets available for use. Many are great, and sometimes it comes down to preference over feature. However, there are also cases in which feature is a must. Listed below are some of the technologies, toolsets, and resources we use at the office.



  • ASP.Net 4.5
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Html5
  • Css3
  • WCF
  • MVC


  • Many books
  • Stack overflow.com
  • Each other
  • Documentation of code

Everyday I am looking for a new way to hone my skills, and use great tools. If there is a tool, technology, or resource that you use that is not on this list let us know what it is down below in the comments.


Now being akasoggybunz I love to dabble in development at home on my personal time as well. So here are some of what I use then, or in other words play with.


  • Visual Studio 2012-2017 (Mixture of Community and Professional versions)
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Trello
  • Android Studio
  • Unity 3d


  • C#
  • Python
  • HTML
  • Css
  • jQuery
  • Semantic UI
  • Bootstrap
  • Asp.net 4.5 & Core
  • Xamarian
  • Windows 10
  • Debian based Linux
  • VMBox


  • YouTube
  • Stack overflow
  • Msdn
  • Google



I know I am missing technologies, resources, and tools in this list. However, this are the ones that I use the most.  I love how far development has come today, and the enabling power it gives developers.

Hopefully, you enjoyed my list. Leave a comment below describing what you use. I am super interested in what you use!

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