Wemos Mini D1 with 1.44 TFT LCD ST7735 Driver

wemos d1 mini
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Wemos D1 Mini with a TFT Display

The Wemos Mini D1 is an incredible ESP266 device. I purchased a ESP8266 Development Kit, and wanted to show a quick demonstration of it working and the potential it has. Admittedly this video is a little old, hopefully will make an update soon. However, if you are looking for a dipsplay this may be a good option.

It is an awesome little board, you can program it using Arduino IDE software. With a good amount of GP/IO it makes this a great little dev board. You can use those pins to connect a TFT display like I have done here.

There wasn’t much information on out to get this set up and working together. So I thought I would put out this quick little video and here some more resources to help you get up and going.

Wemos to TFT Display Pinout

Wemos D1 MiniTFT LCD
Any PinBacklight

Wemos to TFT Display Wiring Diagram

alt text

Code Use to Generate Graphics

You can find these resources and the source code used on my Github

Final Thoughts

Overall I am so impressed with ESP products the ability to have WiFi on chip is such an advantage. The possibilities are endless with these two device. The amount of information that could be displayed is endless, if you had a wifi connection.

If you have made anything cool using a WEMOS or ESP8266 let me know! I would love to hear about it.



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