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What’s a Wumpus?

This hunt the wumpus code is a great hello world squared project for developer’s learning python. It goes over a lot basic, common, and very useful syntax used within the python language. Which include print statements, variables, while loops, and other conditionals.

### HUNT THE WUMPUS AS FOUND IN Hello! Python by Briggs
### Beginner code without complex caves
from random import choice
cave_numbers = range(1,21)
wumpus_location = choice(cave_numbers)
player_location = choice(cave_numbers)
while player_location == wumpus_location:
    player_location = choice(cave_numbers)
print("Welcome to Hunt the Wumpus!")
print("You can see", len(cave_numbers),"caves")
print("To play, just type the number")
print("of the cave you wish to enter next.")
while True:
    print("You are in cave", player_location)
    if(player_location == wumpus_location -1 or
       player_location == wumpus_location +1):
        print("I smell a Wunpus!!!!")
    print("Which cave next?")
    player_input = input(">")
    if (not player_input.isdigit()or int(player_input) not in cave_numbers):
            print (player_input, "is not a cave")
            player_location = int(player_input)
            if player_location == wumpus_location:
                print("Aargh!!! You got eaten by the wumpus!")
                print("Do you want to play again Y or N")
                player_input2 = input(">")
                if (player_input2 == "n" or player_input2 == "N"):

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