Devrant the Community every Dev Needs!

A Dev community that every dev needs! Have you ever been programming and just need someone or something to express your debugging frustrations towards?!?! If you have been programming long enough you probably experience this on a daily basis. To save your cat, mouse, or keyboard from total abuse or destruction that’s where Devrant  comes [...]

My Development Toolbox

Developer Tools: Sometimes I get asked, and am also intrigued about the technologies, resources, and tool-sets that developers use to develop. This post is to give some insight to the tools, and technologies I use in my professional and personal development. Professional:  As a professional developer their are many tool sets available for use. Many [...]

Msi VR One Unboxing

Vr Backpack the future? This video shows the initial unboxing of the new MSI VR backpack. The packaging is very slick and we’ll designed, so much that over coworker said, “looks like your opening lingerie! ” It comes packaged in a good shaped hard foam to protect it while shipping. The skin box shows the [...]
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