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Vr Backpack the future?

This video shows the initial unboxing of the new MSI VR backpack.

The packaging is very slick and we’ll designed, so much that over coworker said, “looks like your opening lingerie! ”

It comes packaged in a good shaped hard foam to protect it while shipping. The skin box shows the lightness and compactness of having a virtual reality backpack.

It comes with 2 light batteries which plug on the bottom sides of the pack, which in our opinion is a better design then some of the competitors. Some comparable vr packs put the batteries on the waist belt which may feel bulky or could easily get snagged.

My coworker is happy with good his purchase, and has said that before the pack he was so worried about his HTC Vive’s cable. However, with the VR One the cable is almost unnoticeable which helps keep the experience immersive.

To get it working he had to update windows and install much of his vr games like Alien, and Star trek bridge Commander. He also had to buy a mini display port to HDMI for an extra display for configurations and some game launches.

If your interested in picking up one of these bad boys, amazon has two options I’ve with a 1060 and one with a 1070.


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