My Development Toolbox

Developer Tools: Sometimes I get asked, and am also intrigued about the technologies, resources, and tool-sets that developers use to develop. This post is to give some insight to the tools, and technologies I use in my professional and personal development. Professional:  As a professional developer their are many tool sets available for use. Many [...]

Msi VR One Unboxing

Vr Backpack the future? This video shows the initial unboxing of the new MSI VR backpack. The packaging is very slick and we’ll designed, so much that over coworker said, “looks like your opening lingerie! ” It comes packaged in a good shaped hard foam to protect it while shipping. The skin box shows the [...]

Pi Dozer

Project The entire Pi Dozer in enclosed in a classic Macintosh Plus case. I had previously gutted out the contents of the mac. The Pi Dozer main brain is the Raspberry pi which has a servo and LED connected to it. The servo is connected to a rod which attached to a piece of acrylic. [...]

2015 Gaming PC Build

My first Gaming PC. PC Build Video Here Part’s List video with a slide show at the end of my recent 2015 PC Build. This is a budget build for a $600 (doll-hairs). It has: Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 Mid Tower Gaming Case (CC-9011051-WW) by Corsair Rosewill CAPSTONE Series 750W 80 Plus Gold Certified ATX12V/EPS12V Power [...]

Why I make YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos Some people ask me why I started making YouTube videos. The answer is quite simple actually. It is because YouTube has contributed so much to my learning, and development as a computer scientist. It has helped me with all my hobbies, interests, past times, and entertainment. I post videos to YouTube, because I [...]
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