Why I make YouTube Videos

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YouTube Videos

Some people ask me why I started making YouTube videos. The answer is quite simple actually. It is because YouTube has contributed so much to my learning, and development as a computer scientist. It has helped me with all my hobbies, interests, past times, and entertainment.

I post videos to YouTube, because I want to give back to it. YouTube is such a unique place and community. Almost anyone can post about almost anything, any subject, any retorhic, at anytime. It is a wonderful tool found on the internet. I have been taught many skills fro. Tutorial videos on YouTube. However, sometimes I am unable to find a video that solves a question, or problem i might face while I am working on a hobby or project. So this is when I make a video. I figure if I run into this problem, I can’t be the only one. My hope is that my videos benefit someone in someway. So there you have it, that’s why I post, for you guys.

So thank you for allowing me to do something I love.

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